Texas Medical Center

Collaborative Institutes

Texas Medical Center’s vision to form multi-institutional teams is moving forward with tremendous momentum. We’re putting talent and technology together like never before. And we can’t wait to see what new ideas and discoveries emerge. 

We are currently in the midst of a strategic planning process, and these five themes have emerged as key areas for collaboration.


TMC already has many breakthroughs with commercial potential. Now we just need to harness them.

Vision: Become the global leader in life sciences innovation.

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Health Policy

Our programmatic collaboration allows us to inform, define, and lead health policy.

Vision: Develop the most effective policy solutions to improve the health of diverse populations, locally and globally.

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We’re learning more about DNA every day. And the more we know, the more we can do.

Vision: Create the world’s most innovative genomics center for discovery and disease intervention.

Regenerative Medicine

Stem cell research is revolutionizing personalized medicine as we know it.

Vision: Lead the world in discovering, developing, and delivering curative regenerative therapies.

Clinical Trials

With over 7 million patient encounters annually, we have the potential to accelerate studies, trials, and treatments like no other place on Earth.

Vision: Be the world’s leader in clinical research by translating discoveries into better research and cures.

There’s not a medical center in the world with our volume of patients. We have great expertise in cardiovascular disease, cancer, children’s medical problems, neuroscience, strokes, rehabilitations, and other things. It’s very important that we all come together and collaborate.

James Willerson, M.D. President & Medical Director, Texas Heart Institute